Sunday, October 22, 2006

My first post in 9 months - Stuff Happening at - and

This is my personal blog - but I hope someday soon to make it the repository of all my posting activity, because it really should be - I own it and I can control the blog template - I don't control the templates of, or SmartMobs.

And if any of these blogs goes "belly up" and don't want to lose all my subscribers and have to start all over again, like what happened to Andy Beal.

So I'm going to post more often here, even if it means making a special effort to do so - and to give information that maybe...I haven't put anywhere else - I hope you'll subscribe to Now-Seo if your reading this.

What's going on:
Just got back from the EMetrics Summit this week (I count Monday as the start of a new week - otherwise, it was last week as I got back Wednesday night). I wrote a lot of stuff on that - here's the link to that content on the Emetrics Summit at I also wrote a lot about blog ranking algos and how they differ, depending on how you count them. There was also a lot of interesting stuff going on in the Entertainment Industry and I wrote about it here - record companies spamming .. that's right...spamming .

In the Art world, I did did a 3 part post on Peter Saul, a well known American artist who has been painting for 55 years! I covered the show in 3 posts, part 1, part 2 and part 3, my thoughts on all of it.

I have also been painting a lot myself, driven by circumstances out of my control, things that let me to have to paint again - I had no choice - and now what comes out is not my rehash of Cezanne, or Manet, or anyone else - it's 100% Marshall Sponder. Many of my paintings were first published at WebMetricsGuru, along with other artists I saw, earlier this year. When I began on the Syntagma Blog.

And you can read my stuff on