Thursday, September 22, 2005

"my metrics diary" - Google Search

"my metrics diary" - Google Search: "My Yahoo! - Add My Metrics Diary
Stay current with My Metrics Diary and thousands of other sources on your personal
My Yahoo! page. What is My Yahoo!? Learn More. ... / - Supplemental Result - Similar pages "

Interesting.....Google is indexing the FeedBurner RSS Feeds I created to subscribe to MyYahoo!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Google WiFi - Secure Access Software (Beta)

Google WiFi - Secure Access Software (Beta): "
Seems Google are gettign ready to launch Google WiFi! "

I just downloaded Google WiFi and it appears to be working using my existing broadband. I'll have to play with this and see if it works anywhere in NYC.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Metrics Diary is now and

I decided it was time to get rid of the site that was as it no longer reflected me. Last month I purchased a domain called for which I will eventually develop a site (or another blog) with.

I was puzzled on how my site no longer showed PageRank once the site loaded, but showed PageRank as it was loading; decided it was a coding issue that I did not control and that made me more willing to get rid of the content on and maybe just start all over with that domain, or just use it for downloads and extra storage, stuff like that.

Looked around for website templates for FrontPage and decided I did not like anything I saw that much. I also looked for blogger templates and did not find as many templates as I would have liked...

Updating My Website

I feel a hypocrite for optimizing websites of my clients while ignoring my own site. It's much easier to work with a site that already exists and has problems than deciding what to do about

For one thing, when I built Now-Seo, I used as a hosting provider, which was a poor choice because it's really shared hosting. At first I triedmasking the actual address and doing a redirect from the hosting provider so only showed up in the address bar; then I realized that might hurt whatever rankings I might get, so I stoped that. As a result, I make no attemt to mask that resolves to

I noticed today that my site does not show pagerank in the Google Toolbar. I became upset and looking at the site I've been ignoring, it's looked ugly and sloppy to me all of a sudden.

Soon, I was Googling for "seo website templates" and "seo friendly website templates" or just "website templates". Here I was, fixing multi-million dollar sites for others, but would not lift a finger to fix my own site over the last 30 months or so.

I found a couple of products that look interesting like SEO Website Builder but I wonder if I'd have the patience to work though the templates. I do SEO/SEM.....I don't want to work though a restrictive system, and the site also says that an experienced Webmaster or SEO would not like this product as much because of the restrictions.

But I don't want to come up with the whole design of the site from scratch...and now I'm back to looking at the website project from the point of view of those who build sites and think more about appearance and message than SEO.

Rather than doing anything tonight, I'm going to step back and let the emotions pass and then take an objective look and see what I want am willing to do about it.