Friday, January 05, 2007

Google Hosted Blogger Blogs

Google is now allowing blogger blogs to resolve to your own website address. According to Google Operating System...

"....If you wanted to enjoy all the features of the new Blogger, but also have your own domain, now you can. Follow these instructions: buy a domain, create a CNAME record for your domain and select "switch to custom domains" in your blog's settings.Google will continue to host your posts and pictures, so you don't need to buy a hosting service. The old address will redirect to your new domain. This way, you'll keep your visitors and the beloved search engine rankings."

It might be something I'd consider doing one of these days - have to set up a new site first. Right now I'm so busy blogging at,, and that I don't have much time to build something new.

In fact, I need to clean up this blog, get rid of a lot of junk in the right navigation - just make it look better. Wish there were more free templates to choose from on Blogger - don't find the default collection has enough choices.

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