Saturday, February 11, 2006

Seth's Blog: Hearing, part II

Seth's Blog: Hearing, part II: "Hearing, part II
So, of course, the Eata Pita parable below is part of a bigger story.
How many organizations don't hear?
I don't mean the counterpeople and the customer service reps. I mean, how many organizations are organized to actually allow customers and prospects to share their insights and feedback?
Second, how many of those organizations have management that bother to listen to the feedback? Or employees that are empowered to do something with it?
And finally, once an organization listens, does it actually do something about what it comes across?
Insert [political party, relgious order, non-profit, for profit, teacher, school board, insurance company] here. Do they Hear, Listen and then Act?"

The funny part is that I passed Eat A Pita the other day on my way to work when I went to GCT - I imagine I could have bumped into Seth trying to order something there. The place looks seedy....I'd not order anything from there - it's no surprise the workers don't listen - they're apathetic.

Agree with the rest of this post though - most businesses are not set up for feedback or taking action on it.

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