Monday, July 04, 2005

Boing Boing: 3D TV (no glasses required)

Boing Boing: 3D TV (no glasses required): "3D TV (no glasses required)
During the cyberdelic early 1990s in San Francisco, my friend Dan Mapes was one of the rave scene's most dynamic digital video and virtuality evangelists. I hadn't heard from Dan for several years, but today's New York Times reveals that his vision for the future hasn't changed. Dan's now co-founder of Deep Light, a San Fernando Valley-based start-up marketing a high-res 3D TV that delivers the illusion of depth without any clunky glasses. In the Times article, Michael Krantz gives a sneak preview of Deep Light's HD3D, a system based on technology first developed by Cambridge University professor Adrian Travis."

I'd like one of these.

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