Friday, July 15, 2005

IBM advancing on its search engine project

Well, I do work for IBM and have been working on Search Engine Metrics, both for the company, and on my own freelance work, things like that. So I guess an article as interesting as this one would peak my interest.

I was suprized an the amount of information contained in the article. I've never seen an actual collection of data, gathered and given meaning my WebFountain. I'd certainly like to see it and I hope I will in the future.

I've been thinking about what it would be nice to have now; what I'm envisioning might not have anything to do with WebFountain. Take for example, the Karl Rove, Joseph Wilson, Valarie Palme case that's rapidly unfolding.

It would be great to have a graphical viewer that did something like this: Software that would allow me to chose a subject and, or story, then datamine the internet and pull related information and catagorize as positive or negative, or you can set up as many states of catagorization as you want.

I keep on wishing I could find a program like that today; but I haven't see anything remotely close. ONly WebFountain sounds like it could do it...but I have yet to see how WebFountain is configured to do this work.

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