Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New EyeTracking Study

I've been reading the New Eye Tracking Study sponsered by Enquiro and Did-it.com; trying to make sense of it.

The "sales letter" for this publication led me to believe I'd find out something conclusive; but I did not really find that was the case. I think I'll re-read it over after I finish the last couple of pages. I don't think a sampling of 48 people is a large enough sampling; they need 10 times that number..

Another thing I noticed was the "Google Effect"; the authors contended that we had been educated to think the top listings in search results were more relevent because Google was sopposed to produce highly relevent results. We look withing the Golden Triange (above) and then the first couple of paid ads. But if we did not find what we were looking for, we quickly lose confidence (in the Google Effect?) and start looking all over the page when we next search on the same query.

It's really hard for me, right now, to decide if this has any long term meaning in my SEO work or not. I have to absorb it and see if it works.

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