Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finding the meanings of a page using Pertinence Summarizer

Been looking for a textual analysis tool for some time and have tried every one I can get my hands on, including Site Content Analyzer, Tropes, and a couple of others that I don't remember offhand.

But I just came accross a Semantic Analyzer that really does work and appears to summerize a html page (or any document) in a way similar to what Google and other search engines might sumerize a page to decide what the page is about and what it should rank for. Best of all, Pertinence Summarizer can be used for free at this link, that allows you to Summerize Google results for any query.

I tested this on two of my clients, and, to see what Pertinence Summarizer finds is the essential meaning of the main pages.

For The House Designers, Pertinence decided that "decorate dream house plans", "build dream house plans", "the house designers", "beautiful house plans" "popular home plans" and "designer house plans" were the most meaninful phases on the main page.

These may, or may not be the best phrases for this page to rank for...and we'd want to see what the competition is putting into their pages and compare it with what Google thinks our pages are about. Lets look at the Google Results before going any further:

Google Query focusing on results
decorate dream house plans Position # 1 of 194,000 documents found on 7/17/05
build dream house plans Position # 8 of 7,160,000 documents found on 7/17/05
beautifual house plans Position # 3 of 5,230,000 documents found on 7/17/05
popular home plans Position #20 of 22,300,000 documents found on 7/17/05
designer house plans Position # 7 of 2,640,000 documents found on 7/17/05

I found the best level of Sumerization to be between 30% to 10%; depending on how much text is on a page (for a lot of text, 20% works best).

What's important here is to 1) understand what Google thinks this page is about, and 2) experiement and change the copy to what you want it to be, and then have Pertinence read it off your hard drive and get the meanings you want to come accross, then republish your page and watch the results.

Of course, what ever is decided on in the body text, should be supported, somewhat, with backlink anchor text of sites pointing to your own.

Using Pertinence at 20% Sumerization, I came up with these important phrases for . I don't think these phrases, below, are the best ones to rank for but that's what Pertinence shows are, in fact, what Google thinks their main page is about.

house plans golf Position 1 in 3,000,000 documents on 7/17/05
lakefront house plans Position 3 in 152,000 documents on 7/17/05
product development home building industry

The last phase, "product development home building industry" does not work, and I'd have taken it out of their copy and put it on a different page because Google does not think the main living concepts page is about product development or the home building industry..and if that's something the client wants, they have to re-write the copy to reflect that.

So you can get all kinds of ideas of how to use this summerizer service, which can be used for free, though a license that translates to 145.00 USD, is probably a good way to go if your going to use it alot. For the Google Demo, which opens up Pertinence Summarizer for your use, you'll need to supply them with an email address, and they will supply you with a password.

Happy Semantic Analsyis!

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