Sunday, January 15, 2006

B12 Partners Solipsism: Is Abramoff the New Monica

B12 Partners Solipsism: Is Abramoff the New Monica: "Frank Rich: Is Abramoff the New Monica?
The Jack Abramoff scandal may metastasize from a cancer on Congress to a cancer on the Republican Party in general and this presidency in particular. "

I have to search Technorati so I can now read the New York Times Editorials, like Frank Rich and Paul Krugman.

Then I heard last week that the email addresses used to reach the editioral comumnists was also taken away; it was replaced by an online form you can fill out.

Personally, that might make sense (have one form that everyone fills out to reach a particular editorial columnist) but following putting up the Times Firewall, and charging 50 dollars a year to read this feels more like an "Take That"!

The NY Times is pushing away it's base.

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