Saturday, January 21, 2006 Blog � Catch of the Day is Link Baiting Blog Catch of the Day is Link Baiting: "Catch of the Day is Link Baiting
Looking for a different way to build quality links on your site? According to Rob Sullivan, SEO Consultant, Link Bating is a very underused method to try. It is not often used by your run of the mill website, which Sullivan reasons is the name association that the term Link Baiting could be considered a black hat technique and not a legitimate organic tactic."

I've never done anything like this in my link building. My wife brought this posting to my attension because of the reference to Clay Aiken, who she is a an avid fan of.

Look at this:
Contrary Hook: That’s when you take something that an important person in your field has theorized and criticize it. However, instead of being negative for negative’s sake, you will get more out of this hook if you can put your money where your mouth is. A random example: Let’s say that I am a record executive and I say that Reuben Studdard, should not have won American Idol, it should’ve been Clay Aiken. The “proof” being the amount of records sold by Clay as opposed to those sold by Reuben.

Wierd. I think this technique would take some "balls" to try. I probably would not plan on provoking commentary just to get links - but given the way modern media is setup up, particularly FOX news, ClearChannel, NY Post, stuff like cuts both ways (they do it all the time, in my opinion); they Fake news, fake everything, just to get your attension. After a while, people became accustomed to having to fake thier own news just to get some attension. People are so provoked out that don't respond to just average's got to be provoke you.

I probably would never try doing these techniques but I can see why others do.

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