Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quote from Jill Whalen's latest High Rankings Advisor that I liked

I read this quote from Jill Whalen that really rang a bell with me. I've seen Jill at several of the SEO/SEM Conferences I've attended but never personally spoke with her; she strikes me as a strong woman with a lot of confidence in herself, kinda sexy actually. I really find most of her newsletters filled with basic stuff. Still, a gem is a gem.

Whether it's search marketing or any other business that you want to getinto, no person, book, website, or seminar can make you successful; not in15 minutes, 15 days, or even 15 years. Only *you* can make yourselfsuccessful, and it can only happen through hard work, dedication, andcreativity. Resources and teachers can point you in the right direction,but being successful is an ongoing, lifelong process that can't be taught.Success comes from doing and -- surprisingly enough -- from making a wholebunch of mistakes along the way. So stop reading those get-rich-quickwebsites, and start trying your hand at doing stuff. The worst that willhappen is you'll have a few mess-ups along the way. As long as you learnfrom them, then you're on the right track. As to opening up an SEO company after taking an SEO training class, I amhaving a difficult time imagining any class that could get you up to speedquickly enough to own a company that gets paid to optimize other people'ssites. Even our own High Rankings Seminar is just a start. You simplycan't learn SEO in a few days. You have to try things, see what works foryou and what doesn't, and then adjust from there. Since results can taketime, you won't even know if you're really good at SEO until you've beenpracticing it (hopefully on your own sites or on those of your friends) forat least 1 year, if not longer.

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