Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Microsoft Trying To Buy Yahoo!

!Microsoft Trying To Buy Yahoo!: "Wednesday, January 04, 2006Microsoft Trying To Buy Yahoo!You and I know damn well that Microsoft wasn't going to go down in search flames without putting up a fight after losing the 'Battle at AOL-burg' to Google. Microsoft has officially thrown the gloves off and pulled out its' wallet. Microsoft, like the rest of us would do, pulled out some billion dollar bills, 80 to be exact, and slid them over to Yahoo in attempt to buy Yahoo Inc. This rumored bid was slightly more then 30% of Yahoo's current market value and they kindly said ..... NO?"

Wow! Microsoft buying Yahoo would be interesting - it would put Yahoo-MSN Search engine with about the equal share of searchers that Google has. But, intergrating MSN and Yahoo are also sure to spur layoffs as there is duplication in both companies that would be eliminated. At the end of the day, I'm not sure if the merger of these two companies is a good thing for the Search Engine world.

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