Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dropping out of MSN Search - the value of conferences

I have a client whose listings suddenly dropped out of MSN Search. All of a Sudden.

Tried to find someone to talk with, a name, not a form; got nowhere.

Remembered that I heard Eytan Seidman, Program Manager of MSN Search, speak at a couple of conferences. Tried to find his email address by looking at PDF files of his presentation from Webmasterworld in New Orleans that I last attended - no luck - his email address was not on it.

Did not keep his card, but I do recall he had his email address on something I saw over the last year.

If you ever want to know why it's important to attend conferences, this is one of the reasons. When something goes wrong you need a contact and you meet people at conferences, people in charge of things. I still haven't got Eytan's email address, but I left 2 postings in the MSN Blog for him. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a hold of him.

In the future - collect and keep business cards, you'll never know when a contact will come in handy.

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Now.Seo said...

Actually, Etyan did get back to me tonight. I feel much better knowing we reached the person on the top, who actually can do something.

What comes of his looking at the problem ... we don't know, but at least I reached the right person.