Friday, May 27, 2005

10 Google Engineers at WebmasterWorld's Conference

10 Google Engineers at WebmasterWorld's Conference: "Brett Tabke is doing an outstanding job driving up the buzz on the upcoming WebmasterWorld 2005 New Orleans Conference.
(1) He recently secured John Battelle to keynote the event.
(2) He named the most recent Google Update, Bourbon
(3) And now he secured ~10 Google Engineers to answer your questions, specific to Google.
In an unprecedented move, Google is sending a team of engineers to support WebmasterWorld�s World Search Conference, being held in June 21-24, 2005. Conference delegates can get involved in roundtable sessions with the Google engineers on specific subjects of interest. In addition, the event will feature an invitation-only cocktail party where conference delegates can meet the engineers on specific subjects of interest and relevance."

I was pretty impressed by the announcement. I was not planning on going to Webmasterworld in New Orleans but now I'm entertaining it seriously.

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