Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Syndicate Conference Wrap-up

The Syndicate Conference Wrap-up

I followed this conference, which took place in NYC, by subscribing to the blog associated with the event. Actually, I wanted to go but suspected
that there would be more fluff than substance. And sure enough, that's
what Rok Hrastnik, more or less, said, in post I link to above.

Most of the conferences I have gone to for the last 2 years - I haven't
really seen much change in what people were talking about, and in
many cases, the same presentations are given by the same speakers.

True, RSS and Blogs have been a much bigger part of the Search Engine
Strategies conferences than they were last year.

And Rok is right...where were the case studies, metrics analysis stuff..
the "real stuff" at this conference? What was at this conference were
people you'd want to meet and network with.

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