Monday, May 30, 2005

Search-Related Ads Rely on Poetry of Words, Numbers

Search-Related Ads Rely on Poetry of Words, Numbers: "When Kiesha Ramey tells people she works for Google Inc., they usually think she's a computer geek.

She's more like a commercial poet.

Ramey, 30, is part of Google's in-house advertising agency, a team called the Maximizers that helps clients navigate the complex world of search-related advertising.

Her mission is worthy of a haiku writer.

She crafts text ads to intrigue Web surfers because advertisers don't pay Google unless the ads are clicked on. She has only three short lines of 25, 35 and 35 characters each and a link to make her pitch.

'I've learned to speak in 95-character sentences,' she said."

I have a couple of AdWords accounts that I'm managing; the wording could be better. Some people I know
rotate the text a couple of times a week to increase clickthrough. I don't think 100% clickthrough is attainable on any large campaign, but some aim for that. 8-10% is proabably as good as you'll get, overall; but we can always try to push that percentage up.

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