Saturday, May 28, 2005

Enterprise SEM: Its a small world after all ...

Enterprise SEM: Its a small world after all ...: "This week I have been at the IQPC Globalization conference in San Francisco. This was the 11th anniversary of this conference. I spoke at the first conference 11 years ago and there were about 15 attendees and 5 of them were fellow speakers. "

I'm looking forward to Bill Hunt and Mike Moran's new book on Enterprise SEM to be published in
July. Search and Globalization are becoming hot topics and now a lot
of large companies want to jump on board.

Bill said that he was "vindicated" that his predictions in 1994 that "the internet will be the gateway
to global business". Today such a statement seems obvious, though
it did not seem that way in 1994.

I wonder what Bill would say now about what is the next gateway..the next
next thing around the corner.

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