Sunday, May 15, 2005

Executing a query and being banned from Google

I've heard rumblings of new software that Google has developed to idetify and filter out automated queries. Last month there was a thread in Webmasterworld about just that. Today, while using a program that I got for free from Brad Callon, Top Optimizer Pro, the same thing happened to me. Only I could not query anything till I got rid of the all the cookies I accessed today I uninstalled the program and won't bother with it again.

My point: Automated checking programs that use alot of server resources are now being detected at Google; they may also feel that someone that runs that software is trying to game the system.

While SeoElite is great software, I never figured out where Top Optimizer Pro fit in. Why bother to have 2 programs from the same author that kinda proport to do the same thing? It just confused me and now I'm really turned off to Top Optimizer Pro and will never use it again.

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