Sunday, May 22, 2005

New Local Search Technology Company Prepares for Launch

New Local Search Technology Company Prepares for Launch: " A new local search technology provider based in Denver that plans to fully launch by the end of 2005. One of the people behind the new company is Perry Evans, who was the founder of a company you might have heard of, MapQuest. (-:
To create Local Matters, Aptas is merging with Information Services Extended, a Florida-based information search and directory assistance company; and YP Solutions, a Louisiana firm that helps phone book publishers put their data on the Internet. Local Matters will sell its software and services to telecom carriers, Yellow Page publishers and others. The company, which employs more than 140, said it has lined up more than 40 companies in 18 countries. Aside from Dex Media and SBC Communications, other U.S. customers include Sprint and Yellow Pages publisher R.H. Donnelley.
I haven't used the Local Matters technology yet but another member of the SEW team, Chris Sherman, is quoted in the article saying that Local Matters is, 'taking local search to the next level.'"

I've done some work on Local Seach Optimization, namely with and wrote a proposal for it on my website that anyone can download (I think I must of wrote the first local search optimization proposal because I could not find one last year, when I wrote it).

If a company can improve on what's alreadly out there (ie: ReachLocal seemed to have some pretty impressive offerings last year at SES and WebMasterWorld, where I came accross them).

But I also read the JupiterMedia study on the limitations on Local Search, and how people were mainly looking for a dentist, doctor, etc, and not using it overall. Tracking was an issue also, and that's always an issue. It's like tracking multi-channel conversions.

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