Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Paper's aim: building blog for success

Paper's aim: building blog for success: "Other newspapers are experimenting with some or many of the same elements � particularly reader blogs � but few if any appear as ambitious or committed as the paper here. The implication for the future is clear � the website, not the print edition, might someday drive the newsroom. Although Robinson downplays this big-picture aspect of his newspaper's plan, others do not.

'There's no question people are watching Greensboro,' said Jay Rosen, an associate professor of journalism at New York University and author of the journalism blog 'PressThink.' 'What they've succeeded in doing is developing a strategy for the next phase of the daily newspaper.'"

I'm coming up with a strategy for my clients that uses Blogs and RSS feeds to reinforce the message and increase traffic to their sites. I've been a subscriber to JupiterMedia's Analyst Blog for the last month and I'm always checking out interesting stories coming from the Analysts.

I think back to the NYT Press Release last month detailing the impact of RSS feeds on The New York Times , where NYT got 555 million PageViews in March 05; and......

"NYTimes.com's RSS feeds generated 5.9 million pageviews on the site in March, which represents a 342% increase year over year and a 39% increase from February's 4.3 million pageviews. The sections that were most popular among RSS feeds included: Washington and Business. The feeds have been available since February 2002 (www.nytimes.com/rss)"

Pretty impressive when you think about it.

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