Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Article is Published in Search Engine Guide

Last year I wrote an article on Search Metrics that was published at the World Resource Center and got sydicated in a number of places through Robin Nobles' Distrbution network.

One of the places I did not see her article appear was Search Engine Guide; since that's a newsletter I get, I was hoping to see it there. Well, today, May 11th, 2005 it appear in Search Engine Guide; here's the url of the article of Robin's that is a lead in to my search metrics paper:

Now I am wondering when is going to get busy or when is going to show a ton of visitors. In fact, I haven't really worked on the site much this year and really should.

That's part of the irony of it...I'm helping other people get their rankings to improve, to come up with fresh content...and I don't fully do it for my own site. Guess I should pay my self a salary...then maybe I'd get paid for working on my own site.

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