Monday, June 06, 2005

75 Million RSS Users?

75 Million RSS Users?: "75 Million RSS Users?
posted by Rok Hrastnik in RSS News
Alex Barnett has a post with a very catchy title: 75 Million RSS Users?
His analysis takes a look at the Jupiter RSS consumption March 2005 research report, which states that 12% of consumers use a variety of RSS newsreader, and the PEW '5% report'.
'Assuming the Jupiter number is overstating reality and Pew's is understating, and we assume the average of these two data points is the closer to reality, we end up with 8.5% of today's internet population using RSS readers (either as a web-based application or local client application). If we take the 235m US & UK internet population as of March 2005 (according to World Internet Usage Stats) to be reasonably accurate that makes at total of 20m RSS users in US & UK alone. If we use the total world internet population of figure 888.6m and assume 8.5% of the total world internet population is using RSS the number comes in at 75.3m.'
If Alex is correct, the reach of RSS is beyond what any of us could have hoped for just a couple of months ago."

I do think RSS is the future, is now.

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