Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yahoo Integrates Personal & Social Search with MyWeb 2.0

Yahoo Integrates Personal & Social Search with MyWeb 2.0: "In practice, this means your search results with MyWeb 2.0 will be very different than those you get with Yahoo, Google or any other major engine. It also means that your search results will change over time, as your personal web and those of your community expand. Walther says these changes should lead to more relevant results but that depends largely on the 'quality' of members of your community and the web pages they choose to add to your communal web."

Over time, top rankings, as we know it, will become less and less important. One of the goals of personalized search results is to show you only what your interested in...your search results will differ from everyone else. That's the future.

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Now.Seo said...

Actually, the future is here, now. It's happening as we speak. Search Results are becoming more personalized.