Friday, June 03, 2005

Internet Marketing Guru Corey Rudl Dies at 34

Internet Marketing Guru Corey Rudl Dies at 34: "News comes by way that Two Killed In Crash At California Speedway. One individual killed in that crash was Internet Marketing Guru Corey Rudl. Corey Rudl is the owner of Internet Marketing Center and has written dozens of columns for Entrepreneur's eBusiness section. For more about this legend, please see this detailed Corey Rudl Interview."

I feel sad about this. I never met Cory Rudl but he represented one of the big success stories of internet marketing. In 2002, I spent alot of time looking at internet marketing businesses that made money, that made it. Cory Rudl was on the top, he was the top dog...he was better at it than anyone else. Sad, I'm sorry to see him go.

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