Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another Google Backlink Update

Another Google Backlink Update: "Another Google Backlink Update
As expected, we are now seeing the last wave of google bourbon updates now. A great tool to do a quick check on backlinks and ranking changes is Mcdar's Tool, opt for the horizontal view.
Forum discussion currently at Search Engine Watch Forums, SEO Chat Forums, nothing yet at WebmasterWorld, more to come..."

I'm looking at the tool right now. There's many tools out there that check backlinks including OptiLink (which is almost worthless now), SeoElite, LinkSurvey 1.4 (a gem for what it does), and online tools like this one. It's what you do with the tools that matter and that's what I concentrate on, pulling the data into Excel and merging it with the output of other programs. I hear alot of people still use Xenu to check broken links (internally). WebCeo Auditior Module does that too.

There are many, many tools, but no tool does everything and no backlink tool is perfect.

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