Friday, June 03, 2005

Google Using Human Reviewers, Google Launches Google Sitemaps : SEO

Google SiteMaps - Want to find out more about this

Google Using Human Reviewers, Google Launches Google Sitemaps : SEO "Lazy Crawling:One of Google's major hangups with paid inclusion was that it allows lazy crawling. It appears that is no longer an issue, as Danny spots the free new Google Sitemaps program. FAQs here"

This is pretty, pretty interesting. I'll have to ask Google Engineers about this new feature/functionality, at Webmasterworld.

I'm wondering it this new sitemap funtionality would benifit the deep crawling we're trying to kick off for CREASTWOOD TECHNOLOGY GROUP at the bottom of the page. Over the last month or so, we've been taking some moves forward and some back trying to get up to 11 million part numbers indexed as pages in Google. That sounds CRAZY.....why would anyone
want to do something like that. In fact, it's not so crazy, lots of big companies have
huge parts inventory lists, and would love it if people could just put the part number in
the search box and find the page with that part number....just a page about that part number.

Most Military and Electrical Parts Supply vendors are using a more simple technique, creating pages with thousands of part numbers and getting those pages indexed. Seems to work, though you don't get a page about a particular part number, just
a page with a form on it, and maybe, if the programmer is resourceful, the part number is placed in a query box for locating the actual page on the site.

The GoogleMaps program might be the shortcup around all of this. I'll investigate.

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