Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Enterprise SEM: Getting a click in the blink of an eye...

Enterprise SEM: Getting a click in the blink of an eye...: "With the increase in popularity of search merketing these days there are a lot of studies coming out and sometimes key data gets blinded by the big numbers marketers want to hear.

One such piece of data came from Gord Hotchkiss from Enquiro that showed people spend an average of 6.4 seconds on a search results page before clicking on a link. What is equally compelling is that in that time span they scan an average of 3.9 search results.
In those few seconds, searchers assimilate an average of 140 words. Gord went on to day that 'Included in those words are between 35 to 60 factors and details we have to consider to make a decision.' These are the semantic relevance that goes into their thinking on what is the most valuable to click

This is the lastest proof point that we must make absolutley sure that our ad copy is the most compelling it can possibley be with a string call to ation as well as a unique selling propostiion that as semantically relevant. "

Well said, Bill. Wish I had a program that would read my snippit, or anyone's snippet/visible text
and tell you how likely someone will click on your snippet (if they see it ...that is).

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