Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More On AOL's SEO/SEM Campaign

More On AOL's SEO/SEM Campaign: "More On AOL's SEO/SEM Campaign's Search Effort: Music Visitors Up, So Are Keyword Prices from MediaPost is an update on the story we blogged earlier, that AOL is to do a significant search marketing push to drive traffic to its site. Carat Interactive is heading the campaign and comments in the story. Another follow-up story, Paid Search a Footnote in Push from ClickZ, noted briefly that the push is almost entirely on the free SEO side, rather than through buying search ads. The MediaPost article gives some examples of this, as well as how keyword buys from AOL are pushing up the cost of music terms."

I'd be curious to see the organic side of thier campaign, what they're coming up for. Too bad there's not a ranking program where you can put in a url and it will tell you all the terms it's coming up for.

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