Monday, June 06, 2005

Waldman to Publishers: RSS, or Possibly Perish � MarketingVOX

Waldman to Publishers: RSS, or Possibly Perish - MarketingVOX: "Simon Waldman of the Guardian offers a sober overview of RSS and news aggregators - ''Opportunity or Threat?' - based on a talk he gave to publishers at the World Editor's Forum in Seoul (via paidcontent), concluding that 'we are looking at the first moves in a quite profound and permanent shift in the way that people engage with content. And that brings with it both opportunities and threats.' He adds: 'Those who deal with the issues thrown up by RSS and aggregation over the next 18 months will, I believe, find themselves in a much, much healthier shape to face the next set of challenges that the internet throws our way.' The reward, he sums up, is likely to be this: 'Relevance, presence and revenues in a fickle and fragmented world.'"

Been thinking about this too...everything is moving to RSS really fast. First the NYTIMES press release
in March 05 detailing 5.7 million pageviews to the site (NYTIMES had 555 million pageviews, it think it was
Feburary 05 they're talking about). The percentage of change from a year ago was several hundered
percent increase in traffic from RSS Feeds.

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