Friday, June 10, 2005

Hidden Links on Financial Times Website. WTF? : SEO

Hidden Links on Financial Times Website. WTF? : SEO "Ever get the sense that many business models are being challenged by the web? In spite of being subsidized, the Wall Street Journal has been seeing eroding profits. In the most recent issue of the Linking Matters Newsletter Ken McGaffin noted that Financial Times sells hidden advertising links.
That is prettymuch the two largest papers about making money and both of them are getting worse at it, and Financial Times is running a business model based on deception. Can you trust news sites that hide their content and their own business model? "

I'm just wondering who's responsible for putting the hidden links on the pages in question. Maybe it's just stupidity and not deliberate. If it is deliberate, I'd have to wonder who is giving FT this advice.

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