Saturday, June 11, 2005

My CV or Curriculum Vitae Is Up

My CV or Curriculum Vitae Is Up: "My CV or Curriculum Vitae Is UpWell it's official, I'm now a free agent. As part of being a free agent I did the resume update deal but also created a CV. I did so because a resume is just too narrow a document to describe me and my areas of expertise and interest. Plus, it's more like telling a story and is a lot more fun than a plain ol resume, IMO anyway.

So I know this raises some questions like, why aren't you at WebSourced / KeywordRanking anymore? and Are you still going to do seo? and Oooh, give me all the juicy details of why you aren't at WebSourced.

Well, quite simply, WebSourced and I had differences of opinion and have since parted ways. I wish them the best of luck with everything they have going on and I'm sure they think the same. I'm sorry but there will be no juicy details, quite simply, we were moving in different directions and that about sums it up."

WebSourced got a hold of Mike Gerhan earlier this year (or was it sometime last year). Being director of Search for WebSourced must have been a difficult job. I looked at Jason's resume and it reminded me of my own; he jumped around alot because it appears he was bored; he also appears to have exceptional programming skills. I question why someone who is that good as a programmer would want a Director's's not hands on enough..too many client meetings, too much massaging of results to keep the high profile clients happy. I guess he had enough of it and left the company.

I realize big search firms exist for a reason, and that reason is the big customers who are generally charged 150K and above; these customers have high expectations of search marketing. I also look at the big search firms with suspecion, alot of times the real work is done by contracted employees or farmed out to other countries where workers are paid at a lower rate.

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By the way, that's not my resume being posted, it's Jason Dowdell's.